Real Estate Closings

The Pearson Law Office represents buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate. We assist prospective property purchasers with negotiation and due diligence. The Pearson Law Office also represents property owners seeking new financing for purposes of obtaining a lower interest rate; obtaining cash equity out of their home, lowering their monthly payments and/or reducing their loan term.

Entity Formation (Real Estate Investors)

Choosing a business entity is an important business decision for real estate investors. As a real estate investor, your personal liability, legal rights and obligations and tax responsibilities are affected by the business entity you select. The Pearson Law Office has extensive knowledge and experience in helping clients understand the legal aspects of business entity formation. For corporations, we file all requisite forms with New York State and can prepare shareholder agreements as needed. For limited liability companies, we file all necessary forms with New York State and can prepare your operating agreement as needed. We advise our clients of their entity options and discuss practical business formation ideas available to them.

Cooperatives and Condominiums

The Pearson Law Office represents condominium and cooperative corporations. We provide representation for corporate and related matters, including questions concerning by-laws, certificates of incorporation, and proprietary leases in cooperatives and by-laws and condominium declarations in condominiums. We also negotiate management agreements, outside vendor contracts and are available for board/shareholder meetings. The Pearson Law Office has specialized experience Housing Development Fund Corporation cooperatives.