Cooperative and Condominium Board Representation

The Pearson Law Office represents condominium and cooperative corporations. We provide representation for corporate and related matters, including questions concerning by-laws, certificates of incorporation, and proprietary leases in co-ops and by-laws and declarations in condominiums. We also negotiate management agreements, outside vendor contracts and are available for board/shareholder meetings. The Pearson Law Office has specialized experience representing boards of HDFC cooperatives.

Real Estate Purchase/Sale/Refinance

The Pearson Law Office represents purchasers, sellers and refinancers of commercial and residential real estate. We assist prospective property purchasers with negotiation and due diligence. The Pearson Law Office has negotiated and drafted a number of purchase and sale agreements on behalf of buyers and sellers. The Pearson Law Office represents owners of existing homes seeking new financing to replace their mortgages financing for purposes of obtaining a lower interest rate; obtaining cash equity out of their home or lowering their monthly payment. The Pearson Law Office has experience representing purchasers, sellers and refinancers of HDFC properties.

Corporate Law 

Choosing a business entity is one of a businesses’ most important initial decisions. As an owner, your personal liability, legal rights and obligations and tax responsibilities are affected by the business entity you select. The Pearson Law Office has extensive knowledge and experience in helping clients understand the legal aspects of business entity formation. For corporations, we file all requisite forms with the state of organization as well as the Internal Revenue Service and prepare and maintain corporate minutes. We also prepare shareholder agreements if it meets your company’s needs. For limited liability companies, we file all necessary forms with the state of organization as well as with the IRS. We also prepare your Operating Agreement. We advise our clients of their legal options and discuss practical business formation ideas available to them.

Lease Buyout – Rent Controlled and Rent Stabilized Tenancies 

The Pearson Law Office represents rent controlled and stabilized tenants in lease buyouts. Rent controlled and rent stabilized building owners have an incentive to offer their tenants buyouts of their leases. A rent controlled or rent stabilized tenant interested in a buyout must proceed with caution. A buyout is more than a negotiation. Any tenant agreeing to a buyout should have their rights protected by a buyout agreement and negotiated by someone who can go to court to enforce it. The Pearson Law Office has experience negotiating and enforcing buyout agreements with owners. The Pearson Law Office only collects a fee when owners fund the buyout.

Business/Real Estate Litigation

The Pearson Law Office has experience in business law and real estate litigation before state and federal courts. We represent every size of business ­from the new venture to medium and large companies. We also represent individuals, property owners and developers. Effectiveness is required in and out of court and we combine tenacious advocacy with the skills to negotiate and solve disputes privately. When litigation is necessary, we have the prudence and know-how to make the right decision.

Commercial Landlord/Tenant

The Pearson Law Office represents commercial clients in disputes arising out of leaseholds in New York State Supreme Courts and New York City Civil Courts. With our landlord/tenant practice, we explore settlement options, counsel clients in risk avoidance, and attempt to assess for them the potential costs and benefits of proceeding with litigation.